Hocus Pocus

Year Founded



Pedro Butelli

Vinicius Kfuri

Alida Walvis

Bruno Mansur

Industry Name





The Beverage Fund

Hocus Pocus is a craft brewery created in 2014 in Rio de Janeiro with the goal to evolve the art of beer.

This work is the result of deep studies, experimentation and intense learning, which always stimulate the imagination, challenging the quest to bring to reality only the best beers that appear in the minds of our wizards.

Before producing in large tanks and distributing their creations around the world, Hocus Pocus’ recipes were made in pots at Wizard’s kitchens and this passion was shared only with friends. However, when they started winning some craft beer competitions, including the Best Homebrewed Beer of the country, the Wizards decided to turn this dream into a profession.